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Car & Coffee inside the Chièvres US Air Force base!

6 June 2021   

Spend a Saturday morning looking at cool cars and drinking coffee from Bene Brew

Jun 26 2021, 9 am - 12 pm

Experience the wonder of a car show- our first ever at Chievres Air Base!
Location will be the CAC parking lot. 

Come out Saturday morning, order a cup of hot coffee and a cookie, or maybe, depending on the weather that day, a cold latte. 

Do you like vintage cars?
How about hot rods?
We've partnered with Belgian car enthusiasts to bring a lineup of cars for your viewing pleasure. 

Event is free.
Cost varies for coffee and snacks from Bene Brew.

Registration Information:
Call the Auto Skills Center for more information.

The registration form is requested by the air base security
Download registration form

To be returned to before June 22, 2021


Auto Skills Center and Equipment Rental

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