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Motogiro d’Italia, la Leggenda Ritorna !

19 mars 2007   


From May 20-24, 2007 the Motogiro d’Italia, the oldest Italian motorcycle road race, will be revived on the most beautiful roads of Eastern Sicily. For the seventh year in a row, the Motogiro d’Italia has been organised by Dream Engine with Ducati Motor Holding as its main sponsor.

Hundreds of bikes, passionate riders and collectors from all over the world will contribute to recreating the atmosphere, the style and the spirit of the original race. At the same time enthusiasts will be able to enjoy Sicily in the springtime and will see a parade of the best of Italian motorcycles ever produced : Ducati, Morini, MV Agusta, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Bianchi, Piaggio, Gilera and Motobi. To keep bond with history alive, riders Maoggi and Venturi, Motogiro champions from the 1950’s, will return as guests of honour.

The enthusiasm for the Motogiro revival has been constantly increasing since the first edition in 2001 and the number of participants has almost tripled.

The Motogiro 2007 will begin and ending in the town of Sciacca (Agrigento), an acclaimed thermal location famous since ancient times for its gentle climate and the healing properties with waters rich with minerals. Each of the 5 legs, approximately 250 km each, will push East and will take riders as far as the slopes of Mount Etna. Here is the tentative itinerary :

 19 May 2007 : Preliminary operations at Sciacca.
 20 May 2007, leg 1 : Sciacca-Chiusa Sclafani–Selinunte-Sciacca
 21 May 2007, leg 2 : Sciacca-Piazza Armerina-Brucoli
 22 May 2007, leg 3 : Brucoli-Noto-Ragusa Ibla-Brucoli
 23 May 2007, leg 4 : Brucoli-Zafferana-Catania-Brucoli
 24 May 2007, leg 5 : Brucoli-Caltagirone-Agrigento-Sciacca.

The route was created to work well for vintage motorcycles and as often as possible, riders will ride a loop, departing and arriving at the same city. Each itinerary was studied to create a unique ride with a plethora of beautiful panoramas and interesting tourism points along the coast and inland. Each route has numerous pre-designated rest stops made possible thanks to local agencies and motorcycling clubs. At the end of each ride participants will be welcomed by the Motogiro Village set up in each arrival city. At the final prize giving dinner, participants will be guests of the ‘Presidenza della Regione Siciliana’ and the overall winner of the Vintage Class will be awarded a special Motogiro 2007 Ducati motorcycle.

The Motogiro d’Italia 2007 relies on the support of Ducati Motor the event’s main sponsor. The event is also made possible thanks to the support of : Presidenza Regione Siciliana, Motociclismo d’Epoca, Assessorato Regionale al Turismo Regione Siciliana, Provincia di Siracusa, Comune di Sciacca, and the Comune di Augusta.
For the organization of the event, under the aegis of the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, Dream Engine relies on the support of the Motoclub Terni “L. Liberati” and the Auto Moto Club Viterbo. Participants in the Tourist Class are accompanied by the Curve&Tornanti team made up of Federal FMI ‘safe riding’ instructors.

The Motogiro is open to motorcycles authorized for road use of all marques and is divided into the following three classes :
Vintage Racing Class
With an overall limit of 120 participants, this class features motorcycles up to 175cc manufactured prior to 1957 and inspired by the motorcycles that raced in the original Motogiro. Competitors in the Vintage Racing Class are subject to timed, competitive ability tests along each route.
Taglioni Memorial Class
This class is open to street legal motorbikes of all marques, 350 cc or higher, produced between 1968 and 1978, a period which highlights the decade where the Ducati engineer Fabio Taglioni created his legendary twin Ducati motorcycles. Competitors in this class take part in ability trials and the winner will take home a special prize.
Touring Class
This class has been created newer bikes, and welcomes riders who wish to participate in the excitement of the Motogiro on a more relaxed, non-competitive basis. The Touring Class is open to motorcycles of all marques.

To get more information Motogiro d’Italia 2007 and to register for the event, please contact :

Dream Engine
Via San Mamolo 155 -40136 Bologna
tel. +39 051 6440881 -fax +39 051 3394319 -

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